Our Services

MONiD - a secure, privacy-preserving, and cost-effective identity and authentication service

  • User Experience Our daily experience is supported by a number of businesses and services. With MONiD, users can carry their own personal data and connect securely with services and businesses. Applications powered by MONiD provide brand new user experience without any hassle of entering user name, password, and extra information when filling a form.​

  • Call to Action Legislation regarding the protection of personal information is being developed in various countries and regions around the world. The risk of companies holding personal information and the cost of managing data is increasing. With MONiD, companies can build a mechanism to utilize the data they need without having to retain sensitive data on their side.

  • Expand Your Network MONiD provides an easy-to-use SDK with which developers can simply implement the authentication functions according to the required security level. To help developers to focus on the most important parts of business, we're working on a cutting-edge solution to bring down the cost of MONiD integration for developers even without blockchain development experience.

DigitalKaleido - a next generation blockchain-powered creative content sharing platform

  • New Experience DigitalKaleido is a decentralized application built on Web 3.0, which is the next major iteration of the Internet. It provides a convenient way for users to share their creative content and get rewarded. User data is not collected on the platform, giving users the full control of their privacy.

  • KALEIDO token KALEIDO is a ERC20 token circulated on DigitalKaleido. Users can buy services and contents or send and receive tips on the platform with KALEIDO token.

KaleidoSwap - a DeFi yield farming project

  • Yield Farming Yield farming is a new way to earn rewards with cryptocurrency holdings using permission-less liquidity protocols. KaleidoSwap decentralized ecosystem allows anyone to earn passive income without minimized risk

  • KALEIDO token as the default cryptocurrency used on DigitalKaleido, KALEIDO can be harvested on KaleidoSwap, and used for further investment.